Hatha Flow & Gentle Vinyasa

Pranayama – Meditation – Yin Restorative

Sorry! Our studio is temporarely closed.

But you can still practise with us! We are teaching at these lovely places:

Pai Yoga Shala

Pls check DeepForest Yoga Pai Facebook page for updated schedule.

Bodhi Tree Yoga

Thu 8.00h – 9.30h

Fri 10.00h – 11.30h

Sat 17.00h – 18.30h

Yoga can be practised by people of all ages and is for anyone who wishes to lead a healthy, holistic and meaningful life.

We offer guided asana practice, pranayama, short meditations and visualisations  for beginner and intermediate students. There is space for 8 yogi’s and yogini’s to practise together on the old teak wooden floor. Lots of individual attention, clear alignment cues and hands on adjustments which might take your practice to a deeper level.

DeepForest is a small yoga studio with limited space, so please book your spot in advance. You can contact us by mail, phone or on Facebook.

We give you a chance to slow down and notice what is happening in your body and mind. Bring these two into harmony and you will find your way to spirit, your True Self.

Come and join us! Explore your being, let energy flow, align breath with movement and enter the ‘now’.

In case of injuries, physical discomforts, illness or pregnancy, please notify us in advance.

We are looking forward to meet you!